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WDR Jazzpreis 2021 - Preisträgerkonzert von Tamara Lukasheva

News from Pablo Held

ZEHN - Winterjazz Köln 2021 - January 8th & 9th

»WE ACTUALLY MAKE MUSIC«: podcasts by Sonae and soundartist Philipp Höning

Tamara Lukasheva releases new single »Singet Leise«

Philip Zoubek releases solo CD »Vortex«

Livestream: »Früchte des Zorns« am Schauspiel Köln mit Musik von Pablo Giw

New music by Philip Zoubek

New remix by Sonae

2nd generation has started!

Elisabeth Coudoux's Emißatett releases new CD »physis«

NICA streams... International Jazz Day

Pablo Held releases new album »Ascent«

Philip Zoubek's Trio releases new CD »Nonplaces«

Tamara Lukasheva is awarded the WDR Jazzpreis 2021 for Composition!

NICA Magazine: New Portrait Series

Pablo Held starts new podcast series

NICA joins Stepping Stone Family

NICA streams

Monthly concert series »NICA presents«

NICA presents: Coudoux, Giw, Held & Lukasheva - Artists in Residence 2020

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