Kira Hummen

Vocalist – NICA artist since 2022

Courageous decisions leading the singer to musical innovation.

For Kira Hummen, music was a ticket to escape the boredom of small town life. She grew up in Geldern near the Dutch border and fell in love with the cello at the age of eight, it was only a few years later that she autodidactically began teaching herself to play the guitar. Soon her focus moved to singing and from classical to pop.

Kira Hummen, born in 1994, studied popular music in Paderborn and Bochum; an work experience at a major label helped to strengthen her idea that she only wanted to work on the artistic side of music.

Kira Hummen’s lyrics are about love, pain and growing – it’s about femininity in all its complex facets. “When I instrumentalize my body musically and visually, it means for me to reclaim the body as an emancipatory tool”, says the artist, who now lives in Düsseldorf.

In 2019 she released her first EP, and in April 2020 her debut album »Growing Pains« was released, in collaboration with Polish producer Antonina Wyszyńska. The cooperation encouraged her to produce her songs herself by herself. A new album will be released in the fall of 2022, on which Kira Hummen will play all the instruments herself. In the future, Kira Hummen wants to further develop the performative character of her art and focus more on video and stage design.

In 2021 Kira Hummen was nominated as best newcomer by popNRW, and in 2022 she performed at the c/o pop festival. Her intimate songs convince with sensitive singer/songwriter sounds and soulful indie pop and are not afraid to show vulnerability.

“I believe that real innovation in music is only possible through courageous and independent artistic choices,” says Kira Hummen. Her multi-layered compositions prove how significant felt and real independence is for young artists.

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