Leif Berger

Drummer – NICA Artist since 2020
Leif Berger by Patrick Essex
Leif Berger by Patrick Essex

Drummer since childhood: Taking dreams seriously, listening and discovering.

Born in 1995 in Münster, Leif has been a musician since he received his first drum set in 1997. Several stations later (Lego, “Age of Empires”, Skateboarding, etc.), he decided to dedicate his life to this passion and moved to Cologne. Here he learned things like improvisation, friendship, taking his dreams seriously, listening, and plays in many bands. Today he also calls himself composer, pianist, keyboardist, percussionist, bandleader, and teacher. His music can be found on Bandcamp. The 25+ albums that he has played on can also be found on the internet.

Here is a list of a few people/bands Leif has enjoyed playing with: Ben Monder, Alexander Dawo, SALOMEA, Achim Kaufmann, Harriet Maria & Peter Meining, Felix Hauptmann, Robert Landfermann, delusional mind, DJ Illvibe, Elias Stemeseder, Shubangi, Ole Hübner, Ben Bönniger, Pablo Held, Simon Nabatov, AzudemSK, Moritz Wesp, Totenhagen, Jannis Sicker, Seamus Blake, Rudi Mahall, Scott Robinson, Wanja Slavin, Jonas Burgwinkel, Sebastian Gille, etc.

Concert tours have taken him throughout Europe, but also beyond its borders, and to festivals such as Jazzfest Bonn, moers festival, c/o Pop, Jazzablanca and KLAENG. Leif received the Claas-Willeke Soloist Prize (HfM Jazzpreis Saar 2015), a scholarship by the Werner Richard, Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation (2016, with SALOMEA) and was a finalist for the New German Jazz Prize (2018, with SALOMEA).

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