Singer-songwriter - NICA artist since 2023
Ray Lozano © Eno de Witt

Direct, calming, playful: Embracing with music.

“Pairing Mode means connecting with each other. With everything that is and everything that is not,” writes German-Filipino singer-songwriter and producer RAY LOZANO, introducing her debut album “Pairing Mode… Connected”, released in March 2023. Born in 1989, the musician experiments with various instruments, starting with the alto saxophone, and combines her diverse musical ideas into a curiosity-inspiring work.

Meanwhile, RAY LOZANO feels at home on the piano and with the bass as well as digital production software and knows how to create a direct, calming and playful feeling of home - a musical embrace - with her music. She studied Jazz & Pop at ArtEZ University of the Arts in the Netherlands before returning to Germany and the environment of her childhood - Cologne. Lozano’s dynamic artistic expression has evolved over the years through the deliberate expansion and fusion of her own perspective with that of other artists in the context of collaborations.

On her debut album “Pairing Mode” (Melting Pot Music), each song moves through a perspective of loneliness. From the longing for love to the feeling of self-loathing to disorientation, only to emerge from this feeling strengthened again. RAY LOZANO’s honest lyrics, coupled with her vulnerable, polished and brave voice, through emotional, dreamy spaces somewhere between heartbreak and hope. The German magazine Der Spiegel calls her a “soulful R&B singer“ and a “good storyteller” and considers the debut from this “soul discovery” a “concise promise of more”.

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