Meet the NICA artists 2022!

05.08.2022 |

Boost for the independent music scene: NICA artist development starts 3rd funding round in September with five new artists and a new management team.

After being nominated by selected North Rhine-Westphalian organizers, music journalists and other cultural entrepreneurs, the artists living in NRW were selected by a jury of experts.

We are pleased to announce the following participants who will start this September as 3rd generation NICA artists:

•          Sophie Emilie Beha (Curation, *1997)

•          Fabian Dudek (Saxophone, *1995)

•          Kira Hummen (Voice, *1994)

•          Luise Volkmann (Saxophone, *1992)

•          Rebekka Salomea Ziegler (Voice, *1991)

Since spring this year, a new management team for NICA artist development has been formed: Esther Weickel (head of project) and Ella O’Brien-Coker (project coordination) have taken over the funding program from Kornelia Vossebein, who is the new artistic director of Stadtgarten Cologne since July 1st, 2022. For Weickel and O’Brien-Coker, communication and trust are key to ensuring that the needs of NICA artists for their professional development can be identified, articulated, and consequently realized.

They are excited to begin this process in 2022 with the 3rd funding round, working together with the new NICA artists and those who remain in the funding program to explore thoughtful ways to support them individually, while at the same time advancing the possibilities of NICA artist development.

More information in the official press info.

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