NICA live special 2024

Stefan Schönegg "Enso" © Heide Prange | Laura Totenhagen © Niclas Weber | Debacker/Javaid © Sophia Hegewald | Luise Volkmann © Thekla Ehling | Fabian Dudek © Niclas Weber | Ray Lozano © Eno de Witt
08.12.2023 |

NICA live special will take place for the second time on 5 January 2024!

For the second time, the concert evening NICA live special will take place on the eve of WINTERJAZZ Köln at Stadtgarten Köln. Six of the ten NICA artists will present current projects and music. Involved are: Laura Totenhagen, Fabian Dudek, Ray Lozano, Stefan Schönegg and Marlies Debacker.

The co-operation between WINTERJAZZ KÖLN and NICA artist development has worked well in recent years. With its two-day focus on the young, innovative improvised music scene, the start of the year in Cologne has become particularly attractive for an international audience of professionals.

NICA LIVE SPECIAL is mainly reserved for invited guests and professionals. Other interested visitors are welcome! To take part, please register by 4 January at

As always, the WINTERJAZZ evening on Saturday (6 January) is open to all music lovers. 11 bands will be performing on three stages, including NICA artist Theresia Philipp.

Admission is free on both evenings!

More information about the line-up NICA live special.