Philip Zoubek Trio Extended releases »Mirage«

Artwork: Jannis Sicker
15.09.2023 |

Philip Zoubek presents breathtaking new album

With his trio with double bassist David Helm and drummer Dominik Mahnig, pianist Philip Zoubek has once again inscribed unexpected facets and forms into perhaps the most classical jazz format - with remarkably conclusive results. Seamless transitions between composition and improvisation characterise the albums released so far, »Outside« (2016), »Nonplaces« (2020) and »Labyrinthus« (2022). Between contemplative calm, repetitive and high improvisational intensity, the musicians also create atmospheres beyond the usual by incorporating electronics, preparations of the grand piano and extended techniques.

For their new album »Mirage«, the trio has grown: expanded to a sextet, it presents its most radical work to date. With the addition of cello, woodwinds and percussion, the sextet creates luminous and sometimes orchestrally charged character pieces between jazz, new music, electronics and ambient. Kaleidoscope-like, this music shimmers in many colours that emerge from and merge into each other. The result is a trenchant ensemble music, a group sound that is originally unspent - full of tension and elasticity.

“»Mirage« is the result of an organic unity, a condensation of rhythms into sounds and sounds into structure, which is indeed breathtaking,” writes music journalist Felix Klopotek in the magazine Stadtrevue.

»Mirage« is released on 15 September 2023 on the Austrian label Boomslang Records and is available as CD, LP and download.


Line-up Philip Zoubek Trio Extended:

Philip Zoubek - (prepared) piano, synthesizer, composition
David Helm - bass
Dominik Mahnig - drums
Elisabeth Coudoux - cello
Leonhard Huhn - woodwinds
Shiau-Shiuan Hung- vibraphone, cello