Album release: Debacker | Javaid - Convolution

04.01.2024 |

“Convolution” released by impakt Records

impakt Records presents the new album by Marlies Debacker (Piano, Clavinet) and Salim(a) Javaid (Saxophone) entitled “Convolution”.

Convolution is an attempt to fuse saxophone and piano into a meta-instrument. The music draws an inquisitive and melancholic portrait of shades reminiscent of the past – reverberations, echoes, resonances – and transforms them into musical material.

The musicians distil influences from contemporary (chamber) music, free improvisation and electronics into a dense, dark soundscape full of tension. Memories of different playing styles, aesthetics and atmospheres serve as the basis for the inherent mechanisms of the five individual parts of Convolution.

Despite numerous musical pauses, the music hardly contains any silence. A central material of the pieces with piano is working with reverberation and modulation of the internal resonances of the piano. These constantly changing shades of sound events become malleable material in the interaction of pianistic actions (such as pedalling and silently depressing keys) with the saxophone.

The saxophone plays in the range of the reverb‘s activation threshold, so that it is sometimes caught in the resonances and sometimes merges with them.

The way it is recorded draws the listener into this world of reminiscent shades and opens their ears to the nuances of sound.

“Debacker and Salim(a) Javaid make improvised contemporary music with liveliness and plenty of room for silence.“
Uwe Bräutigam on


Marlies Debacker - Piano, clavinet
Salim(a) Javaid - Saxophones


Recorded January (live: 1, 4) & February 2023 at LOFT Köln, by Stefan Deistler
Mixed and mastered July 2023 Stefan Deistler
Cover art and design by Markus Dorninger, Stefan Schönegg


The album was released on CD and is also available as digital version.