Philip Zoubek releases solo CD »Vortex«

21.01.2021 |

On December 11, 2020 NICA Artist Philip Zoubek released his new solo CD »Vortex« on WhyPlayJazz. On Vortex, which was recorded at LOFT in Cologne, Philip Zoubek turns his traditional instrument into an orchestra:

»Fascinating new music, eventful, alert, detailed and conscious of forms: Philip Zoubek makes long process in a precisely reflected and yet spontaneously developed flow of events. Thus, in his new solo program, he layers strange sounds into a surprising, strikingly plausible and, in its urgency, convincing sound journey into open terrain, which he paces out powerfully and nuanced (…)«. 

The CD, with about 50 minutes of playtime full of sounds modulated with pieces of wood, e-bows, rubber, a wide variety of plastic and metal screws, is available on WhyPlayJazz