Multimedia-Instellation SUMMER

18.08.2021 |

SUMMER is a collaborative audio-visual work by composer and producer Sonae and video artist Jennifer Trees. The walk-through multimedia constellation will be shown for the first time at Stadtgarten Cologne. Tickets can be purchased for 7 p.m., 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. here.

Climate change today poses an imminent threat to life on our planet. SUMMER stages a revealing confrontation with this provocative truth in a floor-to-ceiling A/V installation consisting of two screens placed opposite each other; the audience is positioned in between. The installation creates a space in which to feel honest, perhaps difficult emotions such as fear for the environment and grief for our changed planet. Or to indulge in denial, because the installation also offers the possibility to close one’s eyes. The two screens show different perspectives. In this way, SUMMER places its audience at the center of the problem, forcing them to make a decision at that moment and highlighting their respective active roles in the current climate crisis.

SUMMER was produced with the support of NICA Artist Development and the European Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music at Stadtgarten Cologne. Sonae’s eponymous album will be released on 04.10.2021 by LAAPS.

Sonae & Trees SUMMER © Katja Ruge