Elisabeth Coudoux's Emißatett releases new CD »physis«

18.06.2020 |

Elisabeth Coudoux’s quintet Emißatett has released its new CD »physis«.
Five outstanding musicians meet each other with high musical values such as equality, freedom, listening, and the common form of sound. The Emißatett is the realization of direct musical communication. A dense but transparent building of events is created, a complex structure. There is no intellectual definition for this experience. It is up to the listener’s state of mind whether he hears or thinks exclusively, whether he sinks into himself or looks, whether he analyses or swings into the music.

»The cello, otherwise better known as a slightly melancholic romantic, screeches, trembles and jumps into time. Together with the piano as spaceship, the snare as satellite, the bass as nutrient and the trombone as transducer they blow up the nothingness. Sounds rush by, take us with them and set us down again with stretched perception. Destination Multiverse.« 

The Emißatett has existed since 2013 and was included in the 2019 funding programme of the Ministry of Culture and Science for professional, independent music ensembles.

The album is digital available at bandcamp.