Philip Zoubek's Trio releases new CD »Nonplaces«

30.10.2020 |

The three extraordinary musicians Philip Zoubek, David Helm and Dominik Mahnig take an unconventional approach to the conventional format of the piano trio on their new CD.

On »Nonplaces«, the Philip Zoubek Trio captivates the listener with enticing sounds. The pianist Philip Zoubek has further developed his playing on the prepared grand piano and this time he also uses synthesizers. The fast music is full of imagination and challenging but fascinating urgency. It is complex and simple at the same time, inviting the listener on a creative journey to something new - something that one would not expect from a conventional piano trio. »Nonplaces« is an album of inspiring musical dialogues between composition and improvisation and a departure from the tried and tested.

»Most of the pieces are permanent shape-shifters, a kaleidoscope of bouncing melodies and subtle changes in rhythm and style, structurally held together and controlled by the phenomenal sense of tempo that the three musicians let you hear. A format-forming, extraordinary recording: the album of the year for me!«
Achim Doppler, CONCERTO

The Philip Zoubek Trio performed together for the first time in 2018.

»Nonplaces« is the second album of the formation; it is available on bandcamp and whyplayjazz.